Kim Kardashian’s viral cut-out dress parodied by mommy blogger, gets huge response

An Aussie mom has recreated Kim Kardashian’s cut-out gown — and people are losing it over the hilarious results.

The reality star, 38, caused jaws to drop around the world as she strapped herself into a vintage Thierry Mugler dress at a beauty event at The Avalon in Hollywood last week.

But mommy blogger Laura, who runs the blog Knee Deep In Life, has since decided to parody the daring dress — and it is too funny.

Posting a side-by-side snap of her in a homemade version of Kim’s gown she wrote: “GOOGLE GOALS..... FASHION.... When they tell you it’s on backwards and you say, B---- PLEASE!! This is fashion.

“Sometimes it’s about accepting budgetary constraints meant you couldn’t afford the whole dress, so you just work with what you got and pray your left t-- doesn’t pop out and start mopping the floor as you make pack lunches.”

Instead of spending thousands for a lookalike gown, Laura made her own out of an oversized T-shirt that she altered using a pair of scissors.

She then used a pair of swimming goggles to recreate the straps Kim had on her wrists.

Her post received over 1600 comments and has been liked 9000 times since she posted it.

Naturally, fans are loving the hilarious post that shows the mom using a shocked face emoji to cover her modesty.

One fan wrote, “You my lady make me smile and laugh out loud daily! You just carry on being you! U wonderful human being... life is too damn serious sometimes!”

“I literally love you. You make me laugh so much x,” another said.

While one fan raved, “You wear it so much better darling.”

Another agree,: “You actually rock that better than her!!! Haha nice one.”

Some saw the funny side, telling the mom she probably shouldn’t “wear it for the school run.”

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