How to Bring the Danish Trend of 'Hygge' Into Your Everyday Life

We won't name any names, but some of our friends' houses leave a lot to be desired in terms of comfort. They're cold, uninviting, and … you know what? Who are we kidding? It's Barbara's house. Barbara, if you're reading this, your house is horrible!

Don't get us wrong, Barb. It's not that we don't enjoy spending time with you; we just think your home could stand to embrace the Danish concept of hygge. Hygge is a little hard to define, but it's basically that warm, fuzzy feeling you get when you walk into a log cabin and hear the cracking of a roaring fire, or the cozy sensation of being surrounded by loved ones in a beautifully snuggly environment. In other words, hygge is a completely foreign concept to you in more ways than one, Barbara.

Here, take a look at the following infographic from Modern Rugs. Not only does it share helpful tips for bringing hygge into your home, but into your office and yard as well, because we can't even imagine how horribly you screwed up those places, too: