Grandma Celebrates 103 Birthday By Going To Casino And Getting Some Ink

Turning 103 is a rare milestone that one would think you'd want to celebrate in the company of  family and friends, not gambling and getting a tattoo.

But that’s exactly what Seattle grandmother Hilda Evelyn Kottman did for her recent birthday.

The adorable granny and her grandson marked her birthday by going to a casino, having an all-you-can-eat crab dinner and getting some ink.

The Daily Dot reports this in not the only out-of-character acts for the grandmother.

According to the website, Kottman, who lived through both World Wars, the moon landing and Sept. 11, reportedly stole a Model T with her 6-year-old brother when she was nine because they wanted to go for a joyride. By the age of 14, she had become a teacher and had her own classroom.

Oh, and she loves drinking Johnnie Walker.

Kottman did a “Ask Me Anything” commentary on Reddit, revealing that she is a force to be reckoned with.

“Everyone looked like a bum and everyone was on drugs,” the grandma said about the ‘60s. “People think it was a time when the younger generation cared about change but it was actually a selfish time. I didn’t like hippies. And they ended up voting for Ronald Reagan.”

According to the Daily Dot, Kottman still eats whatever she wants, has considered trying marijuana and has apparently stolen her grandson’s bottle of Black Label.

She has outlived her husband and all three of her children and was put in assisted living at 101, the website continues.

To live as long as she has, Kottman has a little bit of advice: “Love yourself the way you are. Get your priorities straight. Keep your family close. Save money for a rainy day. Laugh.”

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