Frozen Coke Bottles Cool Off Customers In Colombia

Coca Cola has made some shocking changes to its famed soda bottle.

No, the Atlanta-based company hasn’t changed the shape of the world famous “contour bottle.” But it has made an attempt to serve up an ice-cold cola by putting its beverage in a bottle made of ice.

That’s right. A bottle made purely of ice.

Coca Cola introduced the cool new design in Colombia, where people are able to enjoy the soda in an ice bottle that resembles the classic Coke container down to the iconic Spencerian script lettering etched in ice. The bottle also features a Coca Cola-emblazoned rubber band, which doubles as a bracelet, to guard against frozen fingers.

To make the chilled containers, Coca Cola pours micro-filtered water into a silicone mold and then freezes the water into the bottle shape at -13 degrees before filling it up with the tasty beverage.

Promising “Fria hasta la ultima gota” or “Cold to the last drop,” the frozen bottles are then shipped around the South American nation, where drink servers have sold 265 frozen bottles an hour, on average, according to Coca Cola.

While the bottles are currently only available in Colombia, praise for the iced containers has come from around the world. Media outlets have frothed over the idea and the bottle has taken home the top honors at Spain’s Sol Awards, which celebrates the best creativity in Ibero-America.

“Putting aside the accolades, the experiment is meant to delight fans with a refreshing Coca-Cola experience,” the company said in a press release.

Coke has also touted the frozen bottles as an environmentally friendly alternative to their glass and plastic counterparts because it melts after it is empty. Experts, however, have argued that all the extra refrigeration to keep the bottles cool cancels out any green benefits the bottles might have.

Coca Cola has given no word of when – or even if – these icy bottles will make their way into other global markets, but the bottle is part of an innovative push by the U.S.-based company to serve its famous beverage in different types of containers.

In Singapore in March, the company introduced the sharing can, which can be twisted, turned, split and shared.

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