Former Univision CEO Joe Uva on MundoFox, Latino Media and More

Joe Uva, former CEO and president of Univision Communications and current director of Dunkin Brand Group, spoke to Fox News Latino about the Latino media craze, the new launch of Univision's newest competition, MundoFox, and more.

Uva was the CEO and President of Univision from April 2007 to April 2, 2011.  He was inducted into the Broadcasting and Cable Hall of Fame in 2007.

"This is a trend that is here to stay," Uva told Bryan Llenas on Fox News Latino, referring to the media's fascination with the Latino market.

"I think it's about time the media world and hopefully the rest of corporate America recognizes the potential of this really vibrant community of Hispanics, 50 million plus strong - a trillion dollars worth of purchasing power," he said.

Below are some highlights from the video interview. Watch the full video above to hear his advice for Latinos trying to break into the media industry, and more:

There is room for competition in the marketplace and the fact that you're going to have this community have more choices is a really good thing.

— Former CEO of Univision Joe Uva on MundoFox

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Fox News Latino: Well, it looks like Univision is going to have to watch out, because MundoFox, which is owned by News Corporation the parent company of Fox News Latino, is launching at the end of this year. It's a Spanish Language 24/7 channel but they are really going after US Latinos - what is your advice for MundoFox when they are trying to get into this industry in going against the big giant like Univision?

Joe Uva: I think MundoFox has a great partner in RCN. They have wonderful libraries and they do some great programming, somewhat of an alternative to classic Mexican programming like Televisa does. I think MundoFox will have the benefit of the experience of their international channels in Latin America to draw on. There is room for competition in the marketplace and the fact that you're going to have this community have more choices is a really good thing.

FNL: Do you foresee any issues with them right off the bat?

Uva: I think just the fact that they are concentrating on the densely populated Hispanic markets, and that's where their affiliate base will be, is the right move. I just think overall you have to prime the pipeline full of product and content offerings that are really going to attract an audience out of the gate.

English Media Outlets 

FNL: Is English the way to go?

Uva: I don't think it's one or the other. I think it's very important to recognize that there are many components to the Hispanic community and certainly from a language perspective Spanish language is going to continue to be very, very relevant and important particularly when it comes to traditional programming like the Telenovela. I don't think, in my own opinion, that you can translate that experience into English language.

However, when you speak about news and information, when you speak about lifestyle programming, and when you think about sports, and music, and food, and other genres I think there is a growing community of bilinguals and those who prefer, and are English dominant, who would welcome the opportunity.

The other advantage is ... those media, who concentrate on English language, will attract non-Hispanics who are fascinated with this culture, with this community and the contribution it continues to make here in the United States.


FNL: It's fascinating stuff. You worked a lot with advertising and sales, (and) I'm curious how are advertisers responding to these changes. Are we going to start seeing, for instance, bilingual advertisements where people are speaking both English and Spanish? Give me some context and perspective with that.

Uva: I think you've seen that a little bit. I believe McDonalds did a campaign that integrated both English and Spanish into their commercial, into the creative. I don't think it's a direct translation. I'm not sure bilingual commercials are the way to go, but I do believe that in the right environment the right message is going to stand out and I think that these companies have to spend more because the population is going to continue to grow, the population is going to continue to spend money, and the population is going to play an ever increasing influence in this country from a socioeconomic and political perspective.

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