FNM Exclusive: Justin Fichelson of 'Million Dollar Listing' Names the Worst Renovation Mistake You Can Make

After taking us inside the world of luxury realtors in L.A., New York and Miami, Bravo is finally giving us a look at the hottest real-estate market in America: San Francisco.

On their newest installment of "Million Dollar Listing," Bravo has enlisted the city's top brokers — including Justin Fichelson of Climb Real Estate — to show viewers exactly what it takes to push properties in the Bay Area.

"It's one of the hottest markets in the United States right now," says Fichelson in an exclusive interview with FNM. "Companies like Instagram, Twitter, Uber — these are all based in San Fancicso, and they've created thousands of millionaires in their 20s and 30s … really unusual buyers. And it showcases a really hot market — and unusual real estate. I mean, San Francisco is a beautiful city."

That's not to say Justin hasn't seen his share of not-so-beautiful properties. In fact, Fichelson let us in on the biggest renovation mistake he sees sellers make, which can ruin their chance at a decent profit.

Watch the video above to hear all about it, along with Fichelson's thoughts on his high-profile acquaintances Rick and Kathy Hilton.