Florida Family Freaked Out With 8-Foot Alligator On Their Front Porch

Out of the Everglades and onto their porch, a family called in reinforcements after they came face to face with a scaly surprise.

Jan Castaneda is used to her husband's practical jokes. "I thought my husband had bought one of those blow up alligators because he's a big prankster," said Castaneda.

But Castaneda quickly realized it was a real 8-foot reptile on her front porch, Sunday morning. "I wasn't sure what was going on," said Castaneda, "And then the alligator started breathing. And when his eyelids closed I knew it was the real thing. It kind of freaked me out."

It freaked her family out too but it didn't freak out a trapper who came to her house to remove the alligator. The man measured and taped the gator's mouth before taking it to Everglades Holiday Park. "He had a few jumps and a couple of good runs at me," said Paul Bedard. "It's a dangerous animal. If someone was to approach him and try to take a picture and you get close and it does that move, you can fall down and get nailed."

Luckily, no one was hurt.

The Castaneda family said they plan on installing an outdoor door just in case any gators want to stop by again. "There's a pond behind out house," said Alfonso Castaneda. "So we see them all the time just roaming around and sometimes they come to the grass but this is the first time they come knocking at the front door."

Animal handlers said the 8-foot gator will likely remain at the lake or be moved to a park for animal display.

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