Finding Your Equal, Spiritual Partner

They say true love is hard to find and the numbers don’t lie - one out of every two marriages in the United States end in divorce every year. To give us a different perspective on relationships and provide solutions, MY Lifestyle Extra brings you an interview with a woman who serves as a spiritual healer and transformational expert.

Her name is Beloved and her article on the pages of MY Lifestyle Magazine’s current edition is about finding your equal partner for the purpose of spiritual growth. It’s one of the most provocative and edgy stories of the entire issue.

So what does it mean to have an equal partner for the purpose of spiritual growth?

“What we believe determines what we make true. We have been loaded with erroneous concepts that block our good. The reason why many marriages fail is because people enter the relationship with limiting beliefs and burdens of old pain,” writes Beloved in her MY Lifestyle Magazine feature.

“In order to enjoy healthy relationships, it is important to clear disruptive emotional patterns, release faulty thoughts and heal old pain,” she continues. Read full article.

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Moving on, despite much colder than normal temperatures in Los Angeles this week, our favorite Latina celebrities definitely heated up the 70th Annual Golden Globes. But there were also a few fashion misses. The MY Lifestyle Magazine team of fashionistas brings you the best and worst dressed Latinas of the evening.

Second best look of the night goes to a Colombian bombshell who’s always making headlines - voluptuous and funny Modern Family Actress Sofia Vergara. Her stunning black gown by Designer Michael Cinco was both sexy and glamourous.

But the title of sexiest Latina of the Golden Globes definitely goes to Jennifer Lopez. She almost looked naked in a skin-tight gown by Designer Zuhair Murad. It was a daring and bold move that paid off for her.

Not only is JLo still looking stunning after all these years, she’s opening up about her past like never before. Lopez recently said in an interview that because she works in the entertainment industry, she sometimes runs into exes like Ben Affleck and P. Diddy. She said she acknowledges their success and doesn’t regret her past relationships. Good for her for taking the high road!

With all the glamour at the Golden Globes, there were some looks that just fell short. Second worst dressed goes to Actress Rosario Dawson, who arrived on the red carpet in a light blue gown by Antonio Berardi. Although it wasn’t a terrible look, our editorial team felt it didn’t stand out compared to the many fabulous dresses of the evening.

The worst look of the night goes to Actress Salma Hayek. Some critics say her black gown didn’t fit her curves well and was sagging. Not only did she miss on the red carpet, but she froze in front of the audience when the teleprompter failed. It may not have been her best night, but better luck to her next time!

Overall, felicidades to all our Latinas for strutting their stuff on the red carpet!

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