“Beauties & the Boss”: Latina Promo Girls Go Wild on Sunday Nights

Next time you find yourself sitting on your couch, surfing endlessly for some Sunday night TV thrills, try catching an episode of “Beauties & the Boss,” a new reality series on mun2, the NBC-owned network targeting bicultural, bilingual young Latinos.

“Beauties & the Boss”—which premiered June 19—features Monica Weitzel, a young Latina who in 2005 founded Assorted Flavors Agency (AFA), a Los Angeles promotional agency that employs a roster of sexy chicks. As models/promo girls, Karina, Diana, Jenn M, Anne Marie, Jen C. and the rest work the city’s nightlife helping to promote all kinds of stuff, from alcoholic beverages to sporting events. And, as you can very well imagine, they get into all sorts of trouble—getting stupid and fighting with the very people who hire them, for example (and getting kicked out of a bar in which they are supposed to be working)—which makes their boss’ life hell.

According to the agency’s website, Weitzel, a college graduate herself, established AFA with the goal of “raising the level of quality of models in the promotional industry.” But the girls (and really, they’re like fresh-faced babies) spend all their time saying this is "their career" and how they want "success"—no word on going to school or doing anything else besides being "hot."

Still, judging from the series’ few first episodes, the young CEO does deliver on one of her core business promises: “If you need a beautiful body, AFA will supply it.”

Indeed, you’ll find there is no shortage of beautiful bodies on “Beauties & the Boss.” The show also offers lessons such as—among other things—that promo girls are not “regular” models, because they have a lot more to do beyond looking good for a camera and walking a red carpet. As Weitzel herself tells them during a team meeting, they must become the center of attention and do their best to promote whatever it is they are supposed to be promoting.

“This is, like, the best job ever!” says voluptuous Diane, a Mexican beauty from Houston who aspires to become a sports journalist. “Where else in the world are they going to pay you to have fun and be pretty?”

Unsurprisingly, given their age and, well, their profession, these girls are not only immature and at times irresponsible; they will surely get on your nerves. I’m sure some of them will end up getting the boot later in the series.

I guess the ultimate goal of the series (which ends September 18) is to see how much the young CEO can take, or if she will end up hiring a totally different crew for the job. As Weitzel’s dad suggests at one point: “There is no shortage of girls who want to do that sort of work.”

“Maybe there is time to start thinking of other girls,” he says.

I’m not sure the show would be interesting if these models/promo-girls started to behave. After all, the viewer gets a bang for the cable buck watching a bunch of beautiful, irreverent young Latinas at each others' throats. (Still, don’t expect to see much of a catfight, as the altercations are often reduced to nasty comments or throwing cheese at one another.)

If you tune in this Sunday, don’t expect to learn much about the world of Hispanic youth, either. You will, though, get a peek into the world of pretty young girls who are nothing but silly, regardless their heritage.

Girls will be girls, and dealing with these models doesn’t seem to be much different from, say, being a school-teacher.

As Weitzl brilliantly puts it: “This is pretty much the same; except my children wear make-up and have bigger boobs.”

“Beauties & Boss” airs Sunday nights at 9:00 PM (ET) on mun2.

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