A real PokéStop: Graffiti artist makes mural featuring all original Pokémon characters

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A Long Island graffiti artist put his love for Pokémon on the side of his Huntington studio for the world to see he captured them all.

Over the course of 10 days and 125 spray paint cans, Efren Andaluz painted all 151 characters featured in the original 1990s video game.

He posted a five-minute, time-lapse video on his Facebook page last week, and it quickly went viral. It has been viewed more than 152,000 times and been shared more than 3,300 times.

“I’ve been waiting to pain the side of the building for a while,” he told Newsday. “And I’ve always been a big gamer, so when Pokémon Go was released, I thought it was the right time to do something like this.”

In the video, Andaluz is first seen sketching the 151 “first generation” Pokemon with spray paint. When the color starts, he begins with the most recognizable one – Pikachu.

“I wanted to add some color and spice to the neighborhood,” he said. “I really did it for the kids and I’ve gotten a lot of messages from local parents who say that their kids really love it.”

Andaluz also slipped in a few messages to Pokémon fans. In a speech bubble over Charmander it says: "Don't Pokemon Go and Drive” while Electrode says: “Don’t Do Drugs.”

The artist said he has reached out to Niantic, the mobile company that developed Pokemon Go, to make his art studio called “On Da Loose Design” a location where players can pick up much-needed items for the game. He hasn’t heard back yet.

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