A Complete Guide to Displaying Art on Your Walls

Every homeowner has that one painting or portrait they just can't find a place for. Heck, you've probably got one sitting in your attic right now, so dusty that you can barely tell whether the dogs are playing poker or billiards.

Listen, we get it. You don't want to put your prized artwork just anywhere. You want to hang it someplace where it'll be appreciated and admired — where it can be the focal point of the room without being obtrusive, and blend seamlessly with your other artwork, furniture or fixtures.

If you're looking to create a visually stunning display like the one described above, you need to check out the below infographic from Made.com. Utilizing techniques borrowed from home decorators and museums (along with a little math), the good people at Made have taken the guesswork out of hanging your artwork.

Keep reading for all of Made.com's best tips (), and start displaying your paintings like a pro. After all, it's time that Velvet Elvis in your cellar saw the light of day, too.