5 Genius Ways to Hide Kitchen Clutter

Sure, you make a killer beef stroganoff, but your kitchen's organization leaves a lot to be desired.

You're not alone — it's ridiculously easy for kitchen counters to become a traffic zone of mail stacks, shopping receipts and obscure cooking utensils that you haven't used in years. (Do you really need that steel cheese slicer?) Luckily, with these few simple tricks, you can disguise your kitchen clutter for good.

Let It Go

The first task for any organization project is to say sayonara to rarely used items. (I’m looking at you, old frying pan in the back corner cabinet.) By decreasing the actual amount of stuff you need to store, you’ll automatically free up space. Spend a weekend weeding out your kitchen. Let go of cookware, table linens and kitchen tools that you don't use anymore or have never really liked.

Appoint an Appliance Garage

Appliance garages are a glowing storage solution in today's kitchen designs. Keep bulky small appliances off the counter and out-of-sight by designating a counter-height cabinet to store your toaster oven, coffee machine, SodaStream and more. Consider replacing the existing cabinet door with a more streamlined design, like a retractable or vertical lift door, to make daily use less cumbersome.

Utilize the Inside of a Cabinet Door

Short on storage space? Glue corkboard to the inside of a kitchen cabinet door and use the extra vertical space to hang flat cooking tools like measuring spoons, pot holders and more. (Tip: Choose a cabinet close to your stovetop, so frequently used cooking items are within range.)

Invest in Pretty Containers to Hide Ugly Items

For all the delicious things that come out of a kitchen, food labels and packing aren't one of them. Keep your kitchen counters from looking like a grocery store aisle by hiding often-used ingredients, like flour, spices and sugar, inside attractive, food-safe jars. Take it one step further and use the jars as a secret catchall for small items that usually end up on the counter. Consider adding open shelving to put the pretty jars on display.

Banish Magnets and Papers From Your Fridge

A gallery of wedding invitations, babies' birthdays and bills posted to your fridge might make you feel organized, but it also makes your kitchen look cluttered. Instead, hang a small wall organizer (Pottery Barn has a ton of options) and put all urgent or unread mail there. Your fridge's new mantra: Paper free is the way to be!