4 Decluttering Tips That Make Spring Cleaning a Breeze

It’s crazy what a difference a pile of stuff — or the removal of said pile  — can make in a space.

When a room, no matter how well-designed, is littered with books, clothes and shoes, it looks way more shabby than chic. On the flip side, decluttering a room, even one that’s 90 percent Ikea-outfitted, can make it a million times more comfortable — or at least somewhere you’re not embarrassed to invite friends.

Made for busy or lazy days, these four easy clutter-busting shortcuts will help make your home guest-ready in less time than it takes to play your favorite Beyoncé song:

#1. No Longer in Love? Let it Go

Look hard at wall art and photos: Anything you don’t love, take down stat, suggests decluttering guru Erin Rooney Doland in her book, "Never Too Busy to Cure Clutter: Simplify Your Life One Minute at a Time."

#2. Subtract Your Pillows

If you have more than three decorative pillows on your bed, Doland suggests you edit those down to simplify bed-making, and achieve a more streamlined look.

#3. See the Top of Your Coffee Table Again

Empty surfaces make your living room look bigger and cleaner, so clear off that coffee table, says professional organizer Tova Weinstock.

#4. Rearrange Your Computer

Rearrange your desktop so the things you use the most are easiest to reach, and the rest live in containers or drawers or on shelves, says Doland.