3 Tricks to Save on Halloween Costumes

Lately, it feels like prices for pretty much everything are going up and up.

Halloween is no exception.

Pricegrabber recently released survey results showing 53 percent of consumers said they would spend $50 or less to celebrate Halloween.

Here are 3 tips to maximize your savings when thinking about Halloween costumes:

1. Take advantage of sites like Shop At Home and Ebates. These kinds of sites offer cash back when you visit a store through their system. Generally, you can receive anywhere from 2% to 10% off, depending on the current offers. Most of the time, you can combine discount codes with these cash-back offers. Like my grandma used to say, “Something is better than nothing!”

2. Swap a costume. Talk to the other moms with kids in the same age range and arrange a swap costumes date. Also, you can use a service like Thread Up (which runs until October 22nd) and pay a small amount to receive a gently used costume.

3. Be creative! If you think about it, this might be a good sell for your kids. When you make your own costume, you will be unique. Need some inspiration? Check out Pinterest for DIY Halloween costume ideas.

Now, it's your turn. Share with us how you stretch your dollar when it comes to Halloween costumes.

Yoly Mason writes about frugality and savings tips and tricks in her popular Atlanta-based Spanish-language blog Cuponeando.net.

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