Your weed habit could kill your pets

Pot lovers beware: your favorite drug could kill your pet.

Candace Braden, the owner of a 4-year-old boxer/blue heeler mix named Finn, had to learn this lesson the hard way when she brought Finn to a party in January and he accidentally ate a pot cookie, according to a report.

Braden told The Coloradoan she found Finn “stiff and unresponsive” the morning after the party and realized later he was suffering from marijuana toxicity.

“His jaw was locked. His brown eyes, barely open, couldn’t register his owner’s panicked face. He was high,” the outlet reported of the dog owner’s terrifying experience.

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“I was pretty much having a nervous breakdown,” Braden told the paper. “It’s really scary to see your baby like that.”

She rushed the typically friendly and energetic pup to an emergency animal hospital when he started to “seize” and “dribble urine.”

Finn was being tested to determine what had poisoned him and Braden realized the dog must’ve accidentally ingested a marijuana-laden “edible” at the party the night before.

She said partygoers were eating weed cookies and one of her friends stuffed one in their pocket, where Finn apparently found it and gobbled it up, the report stated.

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