Woman can remember every single detail of her life

Some of us have trouble remembering what we had for lunch, but for one Australian woman, memory isn’t an issue— she has a rare condition wherein she can remember every moment of her life in detail.

Rebecca Sharrock, 26, of Brisbane, is one of 80 people in the world who has Highly Superior Autobiographical Memory (HSAM). She’s able to remember everything, including dreams from when she was an infant, news.com.au reported.

“Any day I’ve experienced, I can recall,” Sharrock told news.com.au. “If I had knowledge of calendars and dates at that time, I can date them. I can remember every birthday since my first birthday.”

Sharrock was diagnosed in 2011, after her mother read about HSAM and they met with researchers in California.

Besides recalling her life, Sharrock has also memorized every word of the entire “Harry Potter” series and, by age two, could recite the capital of every country in the world.

There are downsides to the condition, however. News.com.au reported that Sharrock is able to relieve bad memories and nightmares and, when recalling childhood injuries, physically feels the pain again. These memories include being abused as a child.

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Sharrock also has a difficult time processing information.

“My short-term memory is poor,” she told news.com.au. “When it becomes long term (after a few months), it stays forever.”

Besides HSM, Sharrock has also been diagnosed with autism, obsessive compulsive disorder and anxiety.