It has been established that the most expensive beer in the world is sold in Norway, while the cheapest can be chugged in Poland. But in which country is the most alcohol drunk?

Stereotypes and anecdotes abound: the English are always drunk, especially on vacation; the Russians have vodka for breakfast; the Germans dress up in leather just to drink beer. The French invented Champagne, and the Chinese enjoy drinking it.

Guinness is popular in several African countries, South Koreans sing songs about hangovers, profits are soaring at Pakistan's only legal brewery and Indians love whisky.

Americans are drinking less beer, but make up for it by uncorking more bottles of wine. The World Cup in Brazil was sponsored by Budweiser. Toronto's mayor has "a problem with alcohol."

None of this is enough to name the people of any nation the world's biggest boozers. Luckily there is data, published by the World Health Organization, to give us the answer.

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