Tips to Stay in Shape During the Summer

Many families take trips to the beach or visit their local swimming pools during the summer, and almost everyone likes to look their best when it's time to put on a bathing suit. However, there are some foods that could be sabotaging your summer-slimming efforts.

Registered dietician Carolyn O'Neil says if you want to keep the pounds off during the summer, don't use mayonnaise.

"You may go out to lunch and get, let's say, you know, a chicken salad sandwich on a croissant. It seems so light and it seems so wonderful but there can be almost 1,000 calories in a chicken salad if it's made, you know, with a lot of mayo," said O'Neil.

She says if you like chicken, try it baked and sliced with peaches!

O'Neil adds that it's a good idea to avoid other salads made with mayonnaise.

"Things like macaroni salad made with lots of mayonnaise. I mean mayonnaise is perfectly fine. You just don't want to overdo it. Potato salad, same thing, too much mayo. And also your garnish with cheese or bacon adding even more calories to what you thought was a light summer lunch because you chose a cold salad," said O'Neil.

O'Neil says instead of using mayonnaise, try a vinegar and mustard-based sauce or find other ways to season, like fresh rosemary and basil.

Summer is usually the time for barbeque, but O'Neil says spare ribs can add up to hundreds of calories.

"Instead, when you're going to your favorite barbeque place, I suggest getting the pulled pork or of course, the chicken. But pulled pork compared to the spare ribs, is going to be a lot less fat, a lot less calories. Then go ahead and pair it with a vinegar baste barbeque sauce, not the sweet, sticky, thick ones," said O'Neil

O'Neil also suggests packing healthy snacks when vacationing or on the go.  Swap bagels for bagel thins and use the reduced fat version of cream cheese. She says take a look at your summer lifestyle and adjust accordingly.

"A lot of our summer splurge foods, ice cream and things like that, can really, really pile on the fat and calories, which don't really match too well with the whole bathing suit season," said O'Neil.

O'Neil says watch out for those delicious frozen summer drinks. Instead of a daiquiri or margarita, try a smoothie using only fruit and plenty of ice.

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