The Most Dangerous Game: Choking for a High

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This morning I saw an alarming video of what appears to be a trend resurfacing among young teens. Not only was it shocking, but I can tell you as a parent, it was very worrisome. We have all heard about sex acts where couples use choking techniques to enhance sexual pleasures. During these sex games, one of the partners cuts off the blood supply to the other partner's brain and quickly releases once the other person has lost consciousness.

We all remember the terrible tragedy of Jennifer Levin and the story that the "Preppie Killer," Robert Chambers told about the last few moments of her life. Well it seems now that teenagers are doing this - but not in a sexual scenario. They are playing a "choking game" just to get the feeling of euphoria once they regain consciousness, and worst of all - they're posting the horrifying visuals on the Internet.

Take a look at this video_ "Choking Game Craze is Back"

This is more dangerous than playing Russian roulette! The potential for death or brain damage is overwhelming and this is an act that must never be tolerated or rationalized in any way. Aside from risking death, secondary effects can also occur that include strokes and potential damage to the nervous system.

Clearly, unless you witness this act, it is very difficult to determine whether or not it is happening under your nose. But there are some subtle signs that you can look for such as fatigue, black and blue marks around the neck area, chronic complaints of headaches and difficulty sleeping. Even though these signs are often symptoms of other common conditions, when in doubt my friends, always check it out.