Surgeons remove bullet in man’s head through nose

A Pakistani accountant who was shot in the head during a terror attack successfully had the bullet removed through his nose in a new operation, reported.

Ummad Farooq, 22, who is studying for his MBA at Sunderland University in England, was in Pakistan for his brother’s wedding. His brother was killed in the Oct. 19 attack following the wedding, according to the Sunday Sun.

Farooq was flown more than 4,000 miles to Birmingham, where surgeons at Queen Elizabeth Hospital used a tool called Cyclops to remove the bullet. The Cyclops allowed them to “look around corners through a small endoscope inserted in the nose.”

The bullet, which was lodged next to Farooq’s right eye, “narrowly” missed the brain.

Doctors have not previously used the Cyclops to remove a bullet before, and said the procedure saved his sight.

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