Running boy gets chopsticks lodged in throat

No one wants their lunch to get cold, but for one young boy in China, rushing to enjoy his meal led to chopsticks being wedged in his neck, reported Central European News (CEN).

Jun Chia, 12, had run across the road from his school to buy noodles from a food stand and was rushing back to his classroom to eat his snack when he was hit by an electric scooter in the playground. The scooter, driven by the parent of one of the boy’s classmates, was going too fast, fell over, and wedged the chopsticks in the boy’s neck.

At the hospital, an X-ray revealed there was, incredibly, no damage to any of Chia’s key organs.

“We did a CT scan, which revealed that the chopsticks had missed the boy's trachea and esophagus and key blood vessels. He was really very lucky, and we were then able to use surgery to remove the chopsticks,” medic Zhou Jen told CEN.

Because the chopsticks were made of steel, not wood, there was little risk of any complications from infection, Zhou said.

The schoolboy, who goes to school in Wuhan in central China’s Hubei Province, is still under observation and is expected to be released by the end of the week.