Regulators: Illinois doctor's pill mill supplied 11 states

Illinois regulators have yanked a doctor's license for running a cash-only pill mill and prescribing vast amounts of fentanyl and other addictive painkillers to patients in 11 states.

Illinois is sharing information about Dr. Paul C. Madison with Indiana, where he has an office. Michigan barred Madison from practicing last year.

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Madison is Illinois' top prescriber of a fentanyl spray called Subsys and is a key figure in an Illinois lawsuit against the drug's manufacturer.

The Illinois attorney general's office says Madison was paid $1,600 for speaking events attended only by company sales reps.

Disciplinary paperwork filed Tuesday notes Madison had patients in California, Florida, Iowa, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Wisconsin.

Madison has not responded to The Associated Press' voicemails and emails seeking comment on the allegations.