Pet cat helps speech-impaired boy communicate

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A mute boy is finally starting to talk — with the help of his pet cat.

Lorcan Dillon, 7, suffers from an anxiety condition that leaves him virtually unable to communicate or express his feelings.

But when his mother, Jayne, brought a cream-colored Birman cat called Jessi-cat into their family home in Davyhulme, Greater Manchester, in the U.K., Lorcan quickly developed an amazing bond with the new pet.

He and Jessi-cat became inseparable over the past two years and the lad has started saying: ”I love you” for the first time.

“Jessi-Cat has made a huge difference to Lorcan’s life," said Lorcan’s mother Jayne Dillon, 44.

”In the past two weeks he’s started communicating with people he doesn’t know very well and even reads to one of the teachers now - something he’s never done before.

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