Parents Use New Technology to Monitor School Lunches

Parents in Australia are using new technology to spy on their children's school lunches online, the Herald Sun reported Monday.

Swipe card technology allows parents to log in and view what their children are eating and block their kids from making certain purchases, including junk food.

The system at Kardinia International College in Geelong, Victoria, means students can only buy items at the cafeteria with an electronic card.

"They go up and point the card and what comes up on the screen is their photo and then the serving staff know if there are any restrictions on what they eat," said Principal John Goodfellow.

"So parents can say they're not allowed to have this or not allowed to have that. If they order a pie and they're not allowed a pie, the transaction will be refused."

Nutritionist Dr. Rosemary Stanton said the system was beneficial because it meant parents could have control over what their kids bought.

"The downside is that it takes away from kids the opportunity to set their own limits," she said.

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