When style expert Stacy London was 4 years old, she was diagnosed with psoriasis, an autoimmune disease that leads to itchy, sore patches of red or scaly skin. Though London said she was too young to thoroughly understand her condition, she always felt self-conscious about it.

“All I knew was that I had something that made me different than other people, that made me uncomfortable and that I was going to have to cope with the rest of my life,” London said.

Now, at age 44, the host of TLC’s “What Not To Wear,” said that fashion has helped her cope with her condition.

“I started to gravitate towards all things beautiful and sparkly and fashionable because I so desperately wanted what I wasn't...I was a very self-conscious bunny,” London said. “A lot of the scars that you get from scratching or plaques that you have, that stuff is on the outside. But the emotional scars, that doesn't go away so easily.”

London recently teamed up with pharmaceutical company AbbVie to launch a new campaign called, “Uncover Your Confidence,” which offers resources for the 7.5 million Americans living with psoriasis.

“It's not that this disease robs you of confidence…It sort of clouds it,” London said. “So one of the things we think is so important is to be empowered with information.”

The campaign features a website where psoriasis patients can find doctors, connect with others suffering from the disease and get wardrobe advice.

“The tips change as the seasons change and as trends change. Transparency was a very big thing this spring and summer, so lace and illusion sleeves or décolletage was a very, very big thing,” London said. “That's a way to show skin and not show skin at the same time. That's going to be really attractive to somebody who might have plaques on their elbows.”

For more tips from London, visit UncoverYourConfidence.com.