New procedures offer patients way to achieve ‘the look’ without surgery

The natural look is “in,” and dermatologists say those looking to achieve it no longer have to undergo drastic procedures to see the changes they want.

Doctors say new fillers and injections that are available are able to turn back the hands of time without any surgery.

“People are coming in not to just turn back the clock,” Dr. Whitney Bowe, a board-certified New York dermatologist who specializes in skin rejuvenation told

“They’re looking you know not just to look more beautiful… they actually want their skin to be more healthy,” Bowe said.

The treatments, Bowe said, do not require the patient to go under the knife and can be done every few years. The results may also do more than help the patient to look more natural, as they can also offer a boost in confidence.

“Once you see the effects, and you look in the mirror and you see that confidence,” Bowe said. “You look at the person and you like the person who’s looking back at you, you’re much more likely to stick to larger goals,” she said.

“It’s not vanity that brings these people to my office, it’s more of that short of ‘I’m not going to sit around and complain about it and be unhappy and miserable. I’m going to do something about it.’”

The procedures are not just popular with women, as Bowe has also seen an uptick in the amount of male patients she treats. Men now comprise about 30 percent of her practice, compared to three years ago when they accounted for about 10 percent of her patients.

“Men find that it really does give them sort of an edge when it comes to their career,” Bowe said. “They say that if they look old, if they look tired, then the things that they say and the ideas that they present are sometimes perceived as old and tired.