New pool of Zika-positive mosquitoes trapped in Miami Beach

Officials say a new pool of mosquitoes taken from Miami Beach has tested positive for Zika.

A Miami-Dade County Mosquito Control news release says officials learned about the new pool Monday. The insects had been collected from a trap Oct. 5.

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The new pool is in the previously designated Zika transmission zone.

A large portion of Miami Beach remains an active Zika infection zone. Officials announced last week that several people had been infected with Zika in a 1-square-mile area of Miami just north of the Little Haiti neighborhood.

Last month, another transmission zone in Miami's Wynwood district had been cleared.

As of Tuesday, Zika infections had been reported in 1,040 people in Florida. Most caught the virus while traveling outside the U.S., but 163 cases aren't travel related.