A Nashville mother is receiving kudos from parents around the web for her post on the struggles and uncertainty that can accompany breast-feeding a newborn. Leah Kingsbury, a fitness instructor who posts under the Instragram name @TheNashvilleBump, has received more than 7,700 likes on her post about feeding her newborn daughter, Penelope.

“OK, I’m going to say it for us all,” Kingsbury posted on Jan. 25. “Breastfeeding [sic] is hard. It’s really, really hard. Sometimes I can’t even explain what makes it so difficult. The uncertainty, second guessing, responsibility, commitment, discomfort… just to name a few.”

Since her daughter’s Dec. 10 birth, Kingsbury has posted a series of relatable photos for first-time parents and families with newborns, often gaining hundreds of comments.

“We trusted our bodies to grow our babies for 9 months and now we have to trust our body to supply the nourishment for our babes [sic] growth & development,” she posted in part, alongside a photo of her breast-feeding Penelope. “Breastfeeding [sic] is full of unanswered questions. You truly don’t know what’s going on down there.”

“Mamas [sic] really do need all the support they can get,” she posted. “So mama [sic], you’re hearing it from me, you’re not going crazy, it is hard, but you’re doing good. Keep going!!”

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In addition to sharing snaps of her newborn, Kingsbury posts exercise programs and products to her 12,000 followers. Many of the nearly 700 commenters thanked her for sharing her breast-feeding experience with others.