Man Stung More Than 1,200 Times in Bee Attack

A central Texas man is recovering from a bee attack that left him with more than 1,200 stings and his body still bruised two weeks later.

Lamar LaCaze of Kyle says he thought he was going to die during the Aug. 31 attack as he was mowing a field. The 65-year-old barber managed to get off a tractor and used his cell phone to call his son for help.

Trey LaCaze told the San Marcos Daily Record that when he arrived his father "looked like a bee hive on his head."

Lamar LaCaze spent a week hospitalized. Emergency room personnel pulled more than 1,200 stingers from his body. Bees had gotten into his ears, nose and mouth.

Relatives believe the bees had been living in an old water heater in the field.