How To Pick The Best Sunscreen

If you just grab whatever product has the highest SPF label and assume it's the best, you may be in for a surprise.

The Environmental Working Group is out with a new guide to help you pick the safest and most effective sunscreen.

First, the EWG says there are a couple of ingredients in some products you should steer clear of.

The first is retinyl palmitate. It's a form of vitamin A that may cause tumors to develop more quickly when skin is exposed to sun.

You should also avoid oxybenzone, which can disrupt hormones and cause allergic reactions.

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Researchers say you should also skip the sunscreen sprays and powders because those formulas can fill the air with tiny particles that can cause lung inflammation or even cancer when you inhale them.

Finally, don't pay extra extra for an SPF factor above 50. Protection maxes out around 30 SPF.

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