High-tech facial uses lasers

For Jules Wainstein, a busy mother of two, having 45 minutes to herself is rare.  But when she does get some “me time,” the 32-year-old is taking years off her face.

“I just needed something, like a face pick-me-up,” Wainstein said.  “Just like a lift, so to not make me look so tired all the time.”

Wainstein and other women are benefiting from a new high-tech facial called Laser Genesis.  Just like a regular facial, first there is a deep cleansing, but then the laser is turned on and does the rest of the work.

By gently heating up the upper dermis of the skin, Laser Genesis stimulates collagen production, decreasing wrinkles and leaving smooth, even skin.  The heat also helps to dilate capillaries, which reduces redness and pore size.

“What it does is basically evens out the skin surface...You see immediate results afterwards,” said Ildi Gules, a spa technician for Completely Bare Spas. “You see that rested look like when you get a good night sleep.”

With little to no downtime, clients like Wainstein can step out of the spa looking refreshed, instead of having to let their faces heal for days like with traditional chemical peels.

“You can literally leave for your event from here so, before every big event, I'm going to do this, because why not look young?” Wainstein said.

Four to five treatments of Laser Genesis are recommended, with sessions starting at $275.

For more information, visit CompletelyBare.com.