An Englewood couple went to their first pregnancy appointment expecting one baby - but they learned they were having four.

Amanda and Kyle Corcoran were pretty surprised, but completely excited. Now they’re about to begin their new lives as a family of six.

The babies – three boys and a girl – are natural fraternal quadruplets.


Amanda is an only child. Kyle has a younger brother. Neither’s family has a history of multiple births. The odds of Amanda having multiples were 1 in 70,000.

"We always joked when we did have kinds we would want one. We'd spoil him,” Amanda teased. “We have four 'only' children that we will spoil a whole bunch."

They knew months ago that they were expecting, but when they heard a total of four heartbeats, their expectations went out the window.

"It was one of those things where we went in for our first sonogram and they just kept counting heartbeats," Amanda said.


And on March 28 at Sarasota Memorial Hospital, the babies were born by C-section.

"It was the most incredible experience. When all four of them are crying at once, that was a surreal moment," she said.

Harrison, Preston, Jackson and Lila now remain in the NICU unit, and their parents couldn't love them more.

"We are still freaking out a little bit, but very ready and mentally prepared for them to come home," Kyle said.

Doctors and the Corcorans hope they’ll be ready to go home by the end of May.

"There’s going to be a lot of laughs, a lot of tears from both them and from us I'm sure. We feel really blessed that we get to raise these four beautiful babies and it's going to be an exciting journey - and a journey that is going to change every year, every month, every minute," Amanda said.

The family says they have a support group ready to help them care for all four babies.

Theirs marks the second set of natural quadruplets to be born at Sarasota Memorial Hospital.

This article first appeared on Fox 13 News.