Doctors save newborn’s life by wrapping her in ice for 3 days

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Lily Cracknell’s life was saved when doctors put her in a cooling bag after she was born.

She was battling to breathe for 30 minutes after her mother Rebecca Hasler gave birth — before doctors decided she needed to cool down.

Lily was placed in the cool bag for three days as her core body temperature was lowered from 98 degrees Fahrenheit (37°C) to 95.9 degrees F (35.5°C).

The chilling treatment was needed to stop her brain swelling, which could have killed her.

Lily, who weighed 5 pounds, 13 ounces, was slowly warmed up and started to recover.

“Doctors said it was a miracle she pulled through,” said Hasler, 23. “She looked so small and helpless lying there in her cool bag. But we knew it was her only chance of survival.”

Hasler, who lives in Harlow, Essex, was diagnosed with pre-eclampsia when she was 36 weeks pregnant. Labor was induced immediately at Princess Alexandra Hospital in Harlow.

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