Doctors discover robbery victim's brain tumor after attack

PHOENIX- A Circle K store manager in Phoenix, Ariz., was beaten during a robbery in the early hours of May 24th, but the attack actually turned into a lifesaving event.

Manager Jeremy Willey said the robbery suspect walked into the store, walked back to office, and struck him on the top of the head with a gun, twice.

Willey was taken to the hospital, where he was treated for his injuries. While at the hospital, a CAT scan revealed that Willey had a brain tumor. Doctors said the tumor was about the size of a golf ball and believe the tumor could have been there 5 to 10 years.

So far, Willey has undergone one surgery where doctors removed 40 percent of the tumor. He is scheduled for another surgery where doctors hope to remove the remaining tumor.

The tumor left Willey deaf in left ear, unable to walk easily and without feeling in the left side in face.

The suspect was caught on surveillance video and has not been caught by the police.

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