18-Year-Old Recovers From Second Heart Transplant

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Eighteen-year-old Leanne Nicholson is recovering from her second heart transplant in six years. The teen from England told London's Daily Mail that there is a million-to-one chance of getting a second heart transplant.

Nicholson was healthy until the age of 12 when a virus attacked the muscle tissue of her heart. She was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy, an enlargement of the heart tissue.

Doctors said her heart was so damaged it was as if she had suffered three major heart attacks - the upper two chambers of her heart were not functioning at all and the lower two were barely beating.

She was immediately put on life support, but a donor was found quickly.

However, within 14 months, Nicholson's body began to reject the heart and she felt ill again.

Doctors told her she would need another new heart.