What your pizza topping says about your personality

Some like it with lots of veggies and others just go for plain cheese.

How you order your pizza may reveal more about your personality than you think, according to a new study.

Alan Hirsch, the founder of Chicago’s Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation, teamed up with U.K.-based pizza company Pizza Express to dig deeper into a study done with Domino’s almost 10 years ago. Using Freud’s theories on food preferences and personality types, Hirsch conducted psychiatric and personality tests on 500 adults according to Hospitality & Catering News.

Using eight unique pizza types—based on Pizza Express’ new fall menu --Hirsh extrapolates that topping choices can say a lot about a person's personality and even who you may be compatible with. For example, eggplant lovers are found to be charming and self-absorbed and are compatible with seafood or melanzane (eggplant) lovers, while goat cheese eaters are sensitive, easy-going and get along with everyone.

“It’s long been known, thanks to Freud, that your personality will dictate what you look for in your food. For example, if you like spicy foods then you tend to be a risk-taker and like the adrenaline rush that comes with it, whereas people who prefer a lot of protein in their meal are often more sociable or outgoing,” Hirsh says.

“Food can be such an emotive thing – the taste, texture, smell – and we often prefer certain foods because of an underlying personality trait.”

You might be able to the study findings on a date, says Hirsh.

“You don't just need to ask questions to get to know them; look at what they order to find out if they really are your perfect match or not.”

Have a look to see if you should you date a seafood pizza lover or stay away from people who like creamy sauces.

Melanzane (Eggplant) Charming; Gullible; Self-Absorbed. Romantically compatible with those who love seafood or melanzane topped pizzas
Goat’s cheese Padana Easy-going; Sensitive; Empathetic. Compatible with all pizza lovers
Béchamel based pizza Carbonara Good with money; Cautious; Can be cynical; Loves to debate. Most romantically compatible with meat lover’s
Spicy Pepperoni Extrovert; May get bored easily. Romantically compatible with veggie or melanzane lovers
Seafood Mare Rossa Principled; Intelligent; Critical. Most romantically compatible with meat lover’s
Meat Lover’s Homebody; Supportive; A follower. Romantically compatible with béchamel sauce lovers
Chicken Pollo as Astra Driven; Competitive; Assertive. Most romantically compatible with seafood lovers
Egg and olives - Fiorentina Loving; Trustworthy; Supportive; Avoids the spotlight. Romantically compatible with béchamel sauce lovers