Vulgar tirade by woman at Calif. restaurant captured on video

An angry customer at a Santa Monica restaurant was caught on video accusing two fellow patrons of “having sex” in line behind her, setting her off on an angry, expletive-laden tirade.

The unidentified woman had ordered a meal at Mainland Poke in Santa Monica, Calif., but became uncomfortable with the nearby couple’s public display of affection.

“They’re like, making out,” the woman can be heard telling an employee in the NSFW footage, which was filmed on March 30. “I feel sexually harassed.”

Overhearing this, the couple suggested the woman leave the restaurant with her take-out order, which was sitting by the check-out counter.

“Excuse me, I have a right to be here. This is a place where you eat, not where you make out … Go get a room,” she told the couple. She then called the other woman a “slut” and told her to “go make out outside.”


“You’re a heinous person,” the girlfriend replied.

“You’re a prostitute,” the woman shot back.

The couple again suggested she finish up her transaction, to which the woman replied, “Why don’t you leave, b----?”

“You shouldn’t be here, you’re a slut,” the woman continued. “Go get a hotel room and f--- somewhere else.”

When the woman started to approach the couple, the boyfriend told the woman to “step the f--- back” and asked the Mainland Poke employee to phone the police.

After a few more seconds, the woman decided to retrieve her order and leave the restaurant. But just as she began to walk out, she changed her mind, turned around, and demanded a refund from the Mainland Poke employee.

"He was having sex with her, at the stand, while I was trying to order," she told the employee. The woman then said she was going to report the employee himself to the manager, presumably for allowing the couple to remain in the restaurant.

“I’m talking to the manager,” responded the employee, who was on the phone. “And now I don’t appreciate you raising your voice at me.”

After a few moments, the woman made her way toward the exit, still spewing barbs at the couple — but mainly the girlfriend — about their conduct.


By this point, a long line of customers had formed in the restaurant. Another patron asked the woman, “Can you leave?”, although he only succeeded in angering her further.

“I’m American, I’m from California,” she shouted, causing several of the restaurant’s patrons to let out an audible groan.

“You know what? Go back to whatever land you’re from,” she continued.

The man, who identified that he was French, then tried to forcibly remove the woman from the store. She responded by slapping him in the head with some papers she was carrying.

Eventually, the Mainland Poke employee asked the woman to leave the store, and gave her a cordless telephone so she could talk to the manager herself. She echoed her arguments into the phone, then slammed it down and told the couple that she was sending police to the store.

“I’m sending the police to arrest the (prostitute) … You’re a prostitute and I’m sending the police.”

When the woman finally left, the boyfriend yelled, “Wait, where are you going? The police are coming!”


The boyfriend later told Crave Online that he knew it wasn’t smart to engage with the woman, because she was “clearly nuts,” but he couldn’t help it once she started attacking his girlfriend.

“In retrospect, I’m proud that we didn’t sink to her level or anything like that, but wish I would’ve said some more clever remarks,” he told Crave.

Ari Kaham, the founder of Mainland Poke, also issued a statement to to Eater LA, calling the incident “ugly” and saying that Mainland Poke has “no tolerance for hate.”