The internet is divided over the right way to cut toast

Who knew cutting toast could cause such controversy?

British student union Hallam Nation posed an all-important question to Twitter: What’s the correct way to split a piece of toast?

Now, the social-media platform is engrossed in the debate, and it’s the best thing since sliced bread.

Hallam Nation posted a photo of three differently cut pieces of toast — one chopped on a diagonal, one bisected vertically and one halved horizontally, and asked: ‘Which way would you prefer our staff to do your toast at the end of a night?”

Twitter user @jnttabi replied: “[I don’t know] why but when i was younger the triangle always tasted better than the rectangle.”

Twitter user @TommyRaketic voiced his resounding disgust for the vertical method. “Never in my life seen toast cut like 3, outrageous,” he wrote.

Meanwhile, @Jack Skellington said, “If you cut your toast long ways, throw your whole life in the bin you creature.”

@PaulCruikshank chimed in, “If you cut your toast like Number 3 then please never eat toast again. #NoToToastNumber3.” And he didn’t stop there: “I mean — imagine you met the love of your life and then you found out that they cut their toast like #ToastNumber3! You’d have to really examine your conscience with that one!”

Concluded @lieutenant_Eric: “Raised on 3, discovered 1 in my youth and have dabbled with 2 but really don’t want to make it a habit.”
It’s a hot topic any way you slice it.

This article originally appeared on the New York Post