Subway raises the price of its footlong to $6, fans freak

Subway has been offering its classic $5 footlong deal since 2007 but this week the chain says that those days are over.

On Tuesday, the chain announced footlongs will now be $6 as part of its “Classic Footlongs” menu. A classic sandwich, Subway clarifies, “refers to a regular priced SUBWAY sandwich without upgrades.”

The tweet also featured a short video of subs, maybe meant to distract customers from the price increase.

Reactions from fans have ranged from anger to resignation.

Last year Jared Fogle, the longtime Subway pitchman, was found guilty of kiddie porn, so it's not surprising that sandwich chain's bottom line is suffering.

When customers bemoaned the price hike on Twitter, Subway's costumer service basically told them to suck it up.

“We know how much our fans have contributed to the success of the $5 footlong promotions in the past. We first launched the $5 footlong way back in 2007 and in the last 9 years our costs have gone up greatly and inflation has eroded the value of everyone’s dollar,” Subway explained.