Pizza Hut waitress says she’s no longer homeless after generous tip

A waitress in Pennsylvania says she is no longer homeless after receiving a very generous tip while on duty.

Krystal Kramer, a serves at two restaurants a Pizza Hut in Somerset County, Penn., says she was left homeless in December after her apartment flooded and she couldn't afford the deposit on a new place, reports WJAC.

Kramer, who describes herself as a very independent person, moved into a hotel with her roommate. They received a donation from the Red Cross to help cover some expenses but the money soon ran out.


According to WJAC, coworkers had no idea how dire Kramer's situation had become until a fateful service on Jan. 4. Two men, who were not seated at Kramer’s table asked her co-worker if she would like their leftover pizza, and she declined.

But Kramer spoke up. "I was like yeah, I’m homeless. I don’t know where I’ll eat tonight. I’ll say yes."

The waitress was able to box up the pizza to take it home but the diners' kindness didn't end with the food.

“I’m over in my area cleaning. The waitress calls me over. She has her own tip and then she says, ‘This is for me and this is for you’. It was a tip for $558.33 on a credit card. I couldn’t believe it,” said Kramer.

The mega tip on the $40 bill was enough for Kramer to put down a deposit on her apartment.

“Being able to stand on my two feet by myself is an amazing feeling,” she said.

When Erik Bittner, owner of the Somerset Pizza Hut, heard about his server's financial troubles he decided to give her a helping hand from the employee's voluntary benevolent fund.


"It was a fund we created because we have that need that comes up every so often and it's nice for them to help each other out," Bittner told WTAJ.

With that money, Bittner was able to give Kramer enough money for her first month’s rent.

"That tip absolutely changed my life," says Kramer, but acknowledged that her coworkers' generosity really helped her get back on her feet.