Comedian posing as chef pranks local news stations and makes anchors eat gross food

Comedian Nick Preuher fooled five local TV networks (including a Fox affiliate) into thinking he was a legit chef named Keith Guerke, who peddled outrageous recipes like mashed potato ice cream cones.

Pushing Thanksgiving leftover recipes and his made-up cookbook, Leftovers Right: Making a winner out of last night's dinner, Prueher, who was booked on stations in the Illinois and Wisconsin area last holiday season, just posted video of his appearances where he fumbled through demonstrations and fudged crazy recipes.

The awkward segments showed chef Nick feeding show hosts disgusting concoctions, including mashed potato in an ice cream cone topped with corn, a smoothie made with ham, pie and gravy
and a concoction called  “ants on a leg” -- a chicken drumstick topped with mashed potatoes and cranberries.

In his segments, he cited bogus information, such as suicide rates increase during the holiday season because people are stressed about what to do with Thanksgiving leftovers.  In another cringe-worthy appearance, he made an anchor beat-box while he rapped about his recipes.

Prueher and and his partner, Joe Pickett are co-creators of the New York-based Found Footage Festival. The group first pranked some local TV stations in 2010 with a friend who posed as Kenny K-Strass Strasser, an incompetent Yo-Yo champion.

The two are now touring a live stage show where they screen footage from the five TV shows they fooled.

You can see all of their segments here: