Busy Philipps Says 'Well Yes!' to 2017, Reveals Whether 'Freaks and Geeks' Reunion Will Ever Happen

When actress Busy Philipps was asked to get behind a new project, her answer was immediately well yes.

But we’re not talking about a film or TV show — at least not yet anyway. The 37-year-old mother of two is partnering with Campbell's Soup to launch Well Yes!, a new ready-to-serve line that highlights clean, simple, nutritional, and readable ingredients thte whole family can feel good about eating. And while she admits to being a big Campbell's Soup fan even before taking on the role, she also believes the Well Yes! movement is an easy way for fans to say "yes" to small things all year long, rather than making grand New Year’s resolutions that are often doomed to fail.

"I love the idea of the campaign, which is about celebrating little moments that anyone can do, and it will make life a little bit more awesome," Philipps tells Fox News Magazine during a recent trip to New York City before the holidays. "Whether your Well Yes! moment is drinking a glass of water in the morning before you have your coffee, or taking time for yourself in the afternoon to go on a hike or walk, or spending more quality time with your kids and committing to that — there are different, small ways you can make these little changes for your life for the better."

It definitely sounds more promising to us, than say, going on a month-long (spoiler alert: you’ll probably still want that slice of chocolate cake hiding in your fridge).

FOX News Magazine spoke exclusively with Philipps on why you’ll want to be saying Well Yes! more often in 2017, her favorite must-have healthy ingredients, her lasting friendship with fellow mom/actress Michelle Williams, and whether a “Freaks and Geeks” reunion will ever happen:

FNM: How do you encourage your children to enjoy healthier meals?

BP: I have a little girl who is a fantastic eater, and will try all the vegetables, all the fruits, all different types of food. I also have a three-year-old who, if it were up to her, would eat plain buttered noodles for every meal. It’s really interesting to experience both sides with my daughters. But really, you can’t stop trying. You have to keep introducing and reintroducing new foods, whether it’s pureeing broccoli and potatoes and adding them into a sauce, or baking banana bread and adding zucchini to it, it’s all about getting creative for me. Kids’ tastebuds are evolving. It can’t be like, "My daughter only eats plain pasta so that’s all I feed her." You have to be willing to do the work of introducing and reintroducing healthy ingredients. It is frustrating, I get it. I have one of those kids, I know. But she does eat avocado and cucumbers now, so we just keep trying until she opens up to it. I think that’s the secret.

FNM: What are some of the healthy ingredients that your children also happen to love?

BP: Ooh, quinoa is a big one. It’s a great added protein and it’s got — for a lack of a better word — a buzz around it. But it’s such a great addition to soup. I love kale, and it’s an awesome way for my kids to get some extra greens in their meals, and even for myself, truthfully. Adding it in soup is a great way to get some kale in your life. And we eat a lot, a lot of black beans in my house. That’s pretty much a staple at home. Everybody loves them.

FNM: Aside from changing our diet, how do you suggest we say "Well, Yes!" in the New Year?

BP: What you can do is change your positivity and outlook. Think about small things you can do each day that will push you to have a better outlook on life and be more positive instead — whatever that means to you. Whether it’s volunteering, spending more time with your family, or pursing a job or goal you’ve been dreaming of doing, I don’t know. But you have to be willing to do the work. You have to be willing to get uncomfortable in order for things to change. Change cannot happen without getting a little uncomfortable. I think a lot of people are feeling uncomfortable right now, so hopefully that will motivate them to make new, positive changes for the New Year.

FNM: What’s one small thing that you recently said "yes" to that you normally wouldn’t?

BP: That’s interesting … I’m pretty much a person who says yes to everything! Like, I have a problem, and it’s that I say yes too much. I really do!

That’s a tough question for me, because there are a few things I say no to. It’s gotten me in trouble in the past. But it’s also led me to develop lasting relationship with people I wouldn’t have otherwise encountered if I had said no. So I like saying yes.

FNM: What are some of your goals or resolutions for 2017?

BP: Truthfully, I’m not going to do that for myself this year. In the past, I would say, "I’m giving up carbohydrates," or something like that, and it wouldn’t work out, and then I would feel bad about myself. I think moving forward, I’m going to focus on making more small positive changes in my life instead. Hopefully, it will amount to something bigger.

FNM: You’re still friends with your former "Dawson’s Creek" cast-mate Michelle Williams. Have you shared parenting tips with each other?

BP: Michelle’s daughter is older than my oldest daughter, so I still have to go through a lot of stages before I get there. But I really do rely on Michelle’s advice for parenting whenever I’m stuck. One thing Michelle told me early on, which isn’t a very deep parenting tip, but she told me to introduce [my daughter] Birdie to old TV shows early on, like "Bewitched," "The Brady Bunch," and even the Shirley Temple movies. So we did, and Birdie loves it. I guess I’m just a little hesitant about the newer shows for kids in terms of the tone that they have and the kinds of language that they use.

"The Brady Bunch" is definitely a big one in our house, although some of the episodes are really outdated, like when Marcia runs for student government and they’re like, "You can’t, you’re a girl!" … Well, come to think of it, I guess that is pretty relevant right now. But yeah, I got that tip from [Williams] and my girls are really into it.

FNM: What has been the secret behind your lasting friendship with Michelle?

BP: Why? Is that something that you don't see in Hollywood? It’s not true. I don’t think that’s true. Look at Nicole Kidman and Naomi Watts! They’ve been friends for like 30 years!

FNM: That’s true.

BP: Yeah! I mean, friendships exists everywhere, right? You just have to put in the time and energy. Friendships are just like any relationship. You have to be invested in them, you have to make the time and do the work.

I get a little weird when people are like, "It’s so unusual for two women to have a long, lasting relationship in Hollywood!" And I’m just like, why? How is that unusual? Just because we’re both actresses? But I mean really, Nicole Kidman and Naomi Watts have been friends for like, 30 years. I’m sure there are others. I reject the idea that two women in the same industry can’t be friends because there’s competition or something like that. It’s not true to who I am or the values that I hold in my life. I’m supportive of all women, so that’s something that will never interfere with my friendship.

FNM: I’m sure you’ve been asked this several times, but do you see a "Freaks and Geeks" reunion happening anytime soon?

BP: You know, we did that Vanity Fair article a couple years ago where they got the whole cast together. We all talked and did a really beautiful photoshoot. I think that was our version of a reunion.

We are all still in each other’s lives in different ways. We may not work together, but we’re all so supportive of one another. I don’t see a reunion, but then again, I didn’t create the show or write it, so I can’t speak to that … but I think what we were able to put together a couple of years ago was really special.