Baker serves up sweet revenge to internet trolls with clever cakes

What if you could get revenge on someone who trolled you on social media? Now you can. A baker from Brooklyn, N.Y. says, let them eat cake.

Kat Thek, 30, opened Troll Cakes Bakery and Detective Agency less then three weeks ago. Her novel idea: turn malicious internet comments into edible payback in the form of cleverly decorated cakes.

Thek, who works as a copywriter full time, says it all started when she saw the comment, “Your Mamma be so disappointed,” posted on her favorite singer Dolly Parton’s Facebook page.

“People were saying bizarrely mean things to Dolly Parton it made me really mad, she is a treasure everyone loves her what is the point of being mean to Dolly Parton?” she told NYPIX 11.

So Thek decided it was time for some of these so-called trolls to get a taste of their own medicine.


So how does it work? Any customer can just send the bakery/self-proclaimed detective agency the mean Tweet or Facebook post, then they track down the poster's physical location via the IP address. Thek will whip up a delicious retaliatory mini-cake with said comment decorated in icing or edible letters.

The cakes are boxed up and sent to the person who wrote the comment, with a copy of their original comment taped to the inside of the box.

Thek says she's been getting a slew of requests from people wanting to send cakes to the White House. She says she gets about two dozen people a day contacting her with Trump tweets.

“My theory is that it’s satisfying to know that this is an option," Thek told Fox News. "It feels good to identify the Trump tweet that speaks to you as being the most insane and know that it could be put on a cake and mailed to the White House."

“It’s almost like having a little parachute of sanity, knowing this is an option. I know I love reading them,” she adds.

The shaming mini-cake costs $35, if you know the address of where it’s being sent. If not, Thek using her modern-era Nancy Drew skills, does the leg work for you for an extra $25. She claims that it’s her industry secret as to how she finds the actual location of the offensive commenter.


In addition to getting requests to send cakes to the president, the busy baker says she’s now getting a lot of Mother’s Day requests -- from people who want to send cakes to mother's enemy. She also says she's getting requests from people who seem to be going through particularly rough divorces.

“My greatest satisfaction is how weird it gets. You get these comments out of context and then put them on a cake and it gets funny. Things on cakes are funny," Thek says. "Then you’re mailing it and knowing that the person is like, ‘oh, wow, I’m getting this colorful box in an exciting package,’ and then they open it and it’s the realization of ‘oh, no.’ I like how funny, silly it gets."