'X Factor' Kicks Off Live, With Paulina Rubio On The Panel And A Young Latino Aiming High

Season three of the “X Factor” is going live Tuesday night and no one is more excited than freshman judge Paulina Rubio.

The Latina pop star stopped by the Fox News studio recently to talk about how the competition has been so far and what we can expect from this year’s crop of singers.

“If I could choose a color (to describe it), it’s red,” Rubio said. “Adrenaline. When you’re deciding the lives of others it's a huge responsibility.”

On the judges panel she is joined by music mogul Simon Cowell and singers Demi Lovato and Kelly Rowland – a combination that could not be more perfect.

“(Simon) is always a tough guy and we love to disagree with him,” Rubio said, adding that she has been helping Lovato with her Spanish. “She’s learning and she’s so good!”

While the connection between the judges has been apparent all season, Rubio said the competition is all about the music and the contestants.

“I think in my team, I have the winner,” she said. Rubio coached the boys group that was brought down to four contestants after this season’s new four-chair challenge.

“They really have to explain why they need the opportunity,” she said of the challenge.

One of the singers who really pleaded his case was Carlito Olivero.

The 24-year-old Chicago-native pleaded to the judges to keep him on the show after not wowing them with his song. In Spanish, to Paulina, Olivero said there are no Latinos in the American market and that with her help they could make it far.

“I am asking for one chance and I promise I won’t let you down,” he said, pleading his case.

Olivero, who once sang with the reboot of the Latino boy band Menudo, told Fox News Latino the morning before the show went live that he really wants to be THE Latino in the American market.

“I’ve always said that there has to be someone to represent us,” he said. “There are no Latino artists out there in the American market right now. The last one was Frankie J. and we sort of have Prince Royce now, but I want to represent the Latino community.”

And he is getting his chance to show Americans that he can do it.

“It’s overwhelming – it’s all emotions put in one,” Olivero said. “I’ve always been a fan of the show… I (just) always thought I could do it on my own.”

He said his family gave him an ultimatum of sorts to audition this year and it was a gamble that paid off. He said it’s been amazing to work with the different judges and getting their feedback, especially from coach Rubio.

“She’s a character,” Olivero said of his coach. “She is nothing like how TV portrays her. She is the nicest woman you’ll ever meet.”

He added that the Latino pop star gives “great feedback” and has a clear vision of what he and the fellow members of his team should be.

“It’s crazy to be working with them,” Olivero said. “We are still getting used to it.”

Rubio on her part said now it’s up to the candidates to take what they’ve learned and show America what they are all about.

“As we start live shows, they need to show it all,” she said. “I’m just so excited. Everything is getting funner. … The audience now needs to pick up the phone and call in their favorites.”

“X Factor” airs live at 8 p.m. Tuesday night on FOX.

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