WWE Superstar The Miz on how he realized 'I could do anything I want'

WWE Superstar The Miz opens up about how he got his start on MTV's "The Real World," what led him to becoming a WWE Superstar and his newest gig hosting MTV's "The Challenge."

Fox News: How did you get on the "Real World?"
The Miz: Looking back 17 years ago, I'm going to age myself. I was just a young kid from Parma, Ohio and I went to college at Miami University of Ohio. I remember sitting on my couch watching the "Real World 9, New Orleans," and I remember seeing a commercial come up, "Do you want to be in the 'Real World'?" And in my head I'm thinking, "Yes."

So I tried out for the "Real World" and actually made it. And back then the "Real World" was one of the only reality shows out there. Now every place has some sort of reality show. But that was the only one, so 60,000 people use to try out for the "Real World"... And I remember thinking "You know what? I'm still going to try out and I'm going to make it."

Fox News: How did being on the "Real World" give you the confidence to fulfill your dream of becoming a WWE Superstar?
The Miz: The "Real World" made me realize that I could do anything I want to more with my life. I remember going back to my house...that I grew up in. And looking into the [bathroom] mirror and asking myself what did I want to do with my life. I'll never forget looking at the action figure of The Rock, that my real world cast members got me. And I remember thinking I'm going to be at WWE Superstar.

Fox News: What would you tell anyone who has never seen "The Challenge" before and why they should watch it?
The Miz: If you've never seen the show before, if you like drama, if you like athleticism if you like sports, if you like a little bit of everything if you like reality shows, even if you don't like reality shows. Maybe you just like competition, this is a show for you, because you're going to see some of the biggest stars out there go up against people who have dominated this particular sport the entire time they've been there. And so to see the dynamic of both of them coming head to head and play this game it's unlike any other show you will ever see. There's a reason there has been so many challenges, throughout the years. This show goes decades long and there's a reason for it.

Watch the video above for Fox News' full interview with The Miz.

"The Challenge" airs Tuesday on MTV.