Warlocks Attending Charlie Sheen Tour, Casting Healing Spells on Actor

You can expect some hocus pocus on Charlie's Sheen's upcoming comedy tour.

Christian Day, a Salem, MA based warlock and a cadre of witches are planning to rid Sheen of the “negative spiritual forces” that have taken over his life when the former "Two and a Half Men" star visits Boston’s University's Agganis Arena during his "Violent Torpedo of Truth" tour on April 12th.

“When we go to see Charlie Sheen, we will be working our energy, muttering our spells,” Day told FOX411 exclusively. “The reality is, this is a man who needs healing. And if he wants to bring us up on stage and have us offer him healing—we’ll do it.”

Day said he staged a “magical intervention” at the Crow Haven Corner shop in Salem, MA on March 6th, and sees evidence that his initial spell is already working. "He’s coming out of the house, he’s on tour, and he’s at least playing into the fun of it all, which shows that he’s leaving the crazy side and turning this into an opportunity," Day said.

“When a witch heals somebody, we try to see that person in our mind’s eye, in their most perfect state,” explained Day. “I don’t visualize them as a sick person—I visualize them healthy. And when I imagine that in my mind’s eye, that takes the first step in it becoming reality—it is the power of manifestation.”

Lorelei Stathopoulos, a practicing witch who will be joining Day at the “Violent Torpedo of Truth” performance, tells FOX411, “We look forward to sending Charlie light and health. The fact that he’s leaving the house and going on tour is wonderful news—and the fact that he’s stopping by Boston is really magical. I’m hoping that he has a wonderful, safe trip and we’re looking forward to seeing him.”

Charlie Sheen initially irked Day by his use of the word “warlock" and other mystical terms. “Charlie misuses all sorts of words that are important to the Craft,” said Day. “To talk about some cheap street whore as a ‘goddess’ is insulting to those religions of old. What if he called the cheap street whore ‘Jesus’? People would be very offended."

Now Day is more concerned that Sheen is attracting negative spiritual forces.

“When you are larger than life, whether a shaman, a mystic, a witch or even a celebrity, if you are drawing the living to you, you are also drawing the dead," he explained. "When there are tens of thousands of people paying attention to you every day, the dead are paying attention as well. If you are abusing your brain with drugs, alcohol or allowing your own sanity to get carried away, you are opening doorways to spiritual interference and possession from forces on the other side.”

Day hopes that Sheen will take him on his offer for spiritual healing and understanding. “I felt like his visit to Boston would be a good opportunity to say, ‘Look—here we are, stop using our words and our terminology,'" Day said. "We’re sitting in Row F, maybe he’ll take us up on stage and we’ll do a little magical intervention.”

But healing Charlie Sheen comes at a price.

“I’m absolutely horrified that I spent more on tickets to see Charlie Sheen than Barbra Streisand," Day said.

Maybe Sheen is the one casting spells.