'Virgin Tales' explores community who don't even kiss until they're married

Apparently there are virgins, and then there are virgins.

The new movie“Virgin Tales” takes a look at the latter.

The documentary, slated to air on Showtime later this month, follows the Wilson family, American Evangelical Christians who believe not only in waiting until their wedding night to have sex, but even to share their first kiss. "Virgin Tales" focuses on two years in the lives of the Wilson parents, founders of the Purity Ball, as they prepare their seven children for their vision of romance and marriage.

“It’s interesting not just with the physical aspect but also a psychological and certainly these days there is a political aspect to it,” director Mirjam von Arx told FOX411’s Pop Tarts column. “I was astonished to learn how many people there are that are sharing their beliefs, and not only in America, but there is a movement gaining strength even aboard like in Europe. A lot of parents say their kids are a lot more conservative than when they were young.”

In the Wilson family, dad calls the shots.

“There’s a strong belief that father knows best. They really do feel like their father is trustworthy and they trust his opinion,” von Arx explained. “The women are life-givers, and that is their main role within the family, and the women around them all fit into those places.”

But it is not just the Wilson women who stay chaste until their "I Do's."

“With this family, they really held the men to the same standards, and they are sincere about doing the right thing and honor the women and keep themselves pure. I was very surprised,” von Arx added. “But we really wanted to do an observational film and I didn’t want to go and make fun of them or put my opinion on top and tell our audience what to think. I just wanted to observe and stay neutral, and force the audience to be exposed to this world and make up their own minds.”

“Virgin Tales” airs on Showtime July 23 at 7.30pm.

Danielle Jones-Wesley contributed to this report.