Tyson Trains Pigeons: What's the Worst Reality TV Show of All Time?

Reality TV has officially reached the bottom of the barrel -- or should we say the pigeon coop.

Mike Tyson may have thought he was showing the world his kinder, gentler side when he debuted his new pigeon-racing series, "Taking on Tyson," on Animal Planet this past Sunday.

"The first thing I ever loved in my life was a pigeon. I don't know why ... I feel ridiculous trying to explain it," Tyson said.

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Well, PETA is not so moved. The animal rights group protested outside the disgraced boxing champ's home on Monday, charging that pigeon racing is cruel and claiming that Tyson has shown disrespect for animals in the past. For example, he said his pet tigers "liked" being punched in the testicles and the face, AOL News reports.

PETA says racing pigeons are forced to fly hundreds of miles in extreme weather as they attempt to get home, making them vulnerable to natural predators like hawks and humans who view them as "pests." (We can't say they're terribly popular here in New York City.)

However, Karen Clifton, executive director of the American Racing Pigeon Union, tells AOL that pigeon racers like Tyson are animal lovers.

Animal lovers or not, do people really want to spend their Sunday nights watching a convicted rapist playing with pigeons?

From "Taking on Tyson" to "I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant" to "I Want a Famous Face," let us know: What's the worst reality show of all time?