Trista Sutter responds to Jay Leno diss

"Bachelor" contestant Trista Sutter -- who also became the first star of the ABC's hit's spinoff series "The Bachelorette" -- is taking Jay Leno's recent, surprisingly harsh comments about her in stride.

During Leno's guest appearance Friday on Craig Ferguson's last night hosting "The Late Late Show," Leno was asked if he ever "glassed over" during an interview after more than 20 years hosting "The Tonight Show," and the 64-year-old comedian was more than happy to call out Trista by name.

Trista appeared on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" in 2003.

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"I had one of these reality stars on...Trista, from one of those 'Bachelorette,' 'Bachelor' or whatever," he recalled, citing the incident as a "classic example." "So I'm sitting there, and she's like, here, and I'm talking to her like this, and I'm looking at the side of her head because I tend to look [there]. So we're talking about -- I couldn't be less interested. I'd never seen the stupid reality show, didn't know what it was."

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    Trista took to Twitter Saturday, and thanked Leno for the "shoutout."

    Trista is the author of "Happily Ever After: The Life-Changing Power of a Grateful Heart," which came out last November.

    Though, perhaps the reality star, 43, is happy to brush aside the embarrassing story as she continues to thrive in her personal life. The former Miami Heat cheerleader is part of one of the rare reality TV couples that has actually stood the test of time -- she is still married to "Bachelorette" season one winner Ryan Sutter after getting hitched on TV in 2003 -- and the couple has two children together, son Maxwell, 7, and daughter Blakesley, 5.

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