'Treasure Quest' brings twists and challenges in latest expedition

Mehgan Heaney-Grier, stunt diver, marine conservationist, and certified Divemaster, told us about the most recent South American expedition in which treasures and artifacts are discovered in “Treasure Quest: Snake Island.”

"There are a lot of twists and turns. It will not disappoint,” she revealed. “I can’t say a whole lot, but we found a lot of artifacts a lot of treasure—I can’t say what or how much but we had a very successful mission and it will honestly just blow your mind… Our team is still very dynamic we are a lot more relaxed with each other.”

While six treasure hunters embark on the strenuous journey and Grier revealed the water and visibility when diving proved to be her biggest challenge.

“The biggest obstacle and one of the biggest dangers we are working with is the water. This expedition involves river diving and that in itself can be dangerous and you are dealing with currents and debris. But now we are talking about a river in South America so we are talking about piranha, Cayman and stingray and different things like that that are dealing with the same type of zero visibility that I am dealing with. So it’s basically working and diving in chocolate milk. I can’t see anything and these animals can’t see anything either, so they are using their sensors and following to go investigate a commotion or something like that.”

She even admitted she never allows for nerves get the best of her when departing for a trip.

“It’s not really a thing of getting scared or nervous. It definitely is hands down very hard to leave the family when I go out for an extended period of time…”

Being mentally strong is perhaps one of Grier’s strongest traits when preparing for an expedition and that ultimately keeps her alive.

“It is a lot of nerve-wracking situations. I guess my mental game with it is, I try and anticipate and think about and prepare for everything that could possibly go wrong and what I need and how I would deal with that situation. And then Once that bag is packed and mentally locked into my brain, I am ready to go and I don’t play the what if game. It allows me to be free and present in the moment and that can save your life.”

“Treasure Quest: Snake Island” returns November 4th on Discovery.